Satisfy all the MIPS and HEDIS measures you need

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Canvas provides pre-built Protocols to capture, track and submit all the quality data you need for MIPS and HEDIS.

Canvas makes it easy to succeed in MIPS and HEDIS

We used our own SDK to build dozens of Protocols that call out gaps in care, present actions to take at the point of care, and capture and manage quality data at the patient and population levels. Always up-to-date, Quality Improvement eliminates the need to spend a single engineering hour on participation in the two most ubiquitous Medicare quality programs.


Purpose-built for alternative payment models and improved outcomes. We reach the user at the right time at the point of care.

Protocols are the difference

  • In-workflow and in-chart clinical decision support nudges and alerts
  • Ergonomically alert without distraction
  • Highly relevant and highly actionable 
  • Fully programmable through our Workflow SDK

No more double-data entry or year-end Easter egg hunts

  • The care you document is the data you report
  • Identify and close care gaps at every patient interaction
  • View population-level metrics and results
  • Canvas automatically creates and submits quality reports
If the science of medicine is your job, Canvas is software for you

Healthcare has come a long way since the US Institute of Medicine published its landmark To Err is Human report in 1999. While patients are safer, practicing evidence-based medicine is still too hard. To push the science of medicine forward, we created our Workflow SDK to finally allow programming complex clinical logic to drive workflow through the EMR UI. With Canvas, clinicians and software developers can break the status quo and reinvent how American healthcare is delivered to patients. Let's change the world together!