A fully-featured productivity tool - inside your EMR

Communicating and collaborating across clinical, financial and operational users has never been easier with Canvas.

Collaborate right in your workflow

Collaboration leverages Tasks - a powerful task management system, fully integrated with the entire suite of Canvas products - and Chat - an in-medical record instant messaging app - to allow users to communicate and close loops from the patient’s chart, an encounter note, our dynamic task management dashboard, or via API outside of Canvas. 

Work as a team to take better care of your patients more efficiently without switching screens or swiveling to yet another tool.


Communicate and collaborate across clinical and operational users using our tools for team-based care models.

Tasks are highly configurable, highly automatable

  • Define and assign "Responsibilities" to "Teams"
  • Configurable task auto-creation
  • Generate tasks in the note or from Chat
  • Associate tasks with patients, orders, and documents

Chat is an elegant instant messaging app within Canvas

  • Discuss patients and tasks one-to-one or as a group or team
  • Create and assign tasks from Chat window

Collaboration  is extensible and customizable

  • Tasks are highly relevant within encounter notes and the chart
  • Tasks for revenue cycle workflows (coming soon!)
  • Search, create and update Tasks via API
  • Fully customize creation and assignment of tasks with Workflow SDK
Canvas is designed to scale with you

Scaling a HealthTech business is as much about adapting your capabilities to meet new, dynamic opportunities as it is about finding patients. Canvas is designed to scale with you as your care models, and the ways you earn revenue, change.