Virtual-First Care

Canvas is the fastest and easiest way to build modern technology for your digital healthcare company. Pre-seed to enterprise level companies partner with Canvas to help their developers and care teams create category defining patient experiences. With the APIs to extend your EMR to your patient-facing app, and the Workflow SDK to define and control clinical, financial, and operational workflows, Canvas is the EMR development platform that virtual-first provider organizations build their business better and faster on.


Legacy EMRs offer medieval developer and user experiences, but building a modern EMR in-house is demanding. Product complexity, regulatory barriers, security requirements, and industry opacity present endless challenges resulting in stagnant development timelines, and slow go-to market. And, connecting many EMRs to patient care apps is frustrating with limited, read-only APIs. With limited developer resources and capital, builders must optimize their resources to grow revenue quickly.


Within minutes, Canvas provides the infrastructure for developers and clinicians to begin reimagining care together. From medical records to data analytics, we spent 5 years building a comprehensive suite of products to empower care and payment innovation for disruptors. You only pay for what you need, and we have ready what you'll need as you grow.

Customer Stories

Trusted by enterprise leaders


Vivante Health is an innovative digital health company revolutionizing digestive health and wellness. Vivante’s GIThrive program provides personalized, comprehensive care for people with digestive conditions.

Vivante partners with Canvas to:

  • Surface real-time data and insights through API integrations with Vivante’s patient app to empower care teams to deliver personalized care recommendations
  • Support multidisciplinary care team coordination and communication
  • Support scheduling and claims submission to create a unified patient experience

"We explored building the EMR we thought we'd need ourselves, but quickly realized that was an expensive, time-consuming path to go down in a market that's moving quickly. That we didn't have to build the EMR and could focus on our core dev work around our patient app has greatly expedited our time to scale. We were drawn to Canvas for many reasons, including their modern user experience, configurable automations, patient scheduling, billing management, integration APIs and use of FHIR standards for exchanging data. But more than any one feature, we feel aligned with their commitment to leverage technology to streamline the business of healthcare, so that we can all focus on what matters the most - which is, of course, taking care of our patients."

- Dan Anolik, CTO of Vivante Health