Your real-time, read-only, full-fidelity replica DB awaits your queries

We expose all of your data for you. And we let you know exactly how any schema changes will break your queries so that they simply... don’t.

Canvas was built on and for better data - imagine what you can do with all of it

With Custom Analytics, get access to a full read-only replica of the production database, with just a few seconds of latency. We also monitor your SQL queries so that any time we make schema changes, we can let you know exactly how to update your queries to work with the updates. All you need to do is continue thinking of new questions to ask.

At Canvas, we want you to take your data out of your EMR! Slice it and dice it in your preferred BI or Data Viz tool, generate insights, and continuously improve processes and results in ways just not possible inside of most EMRs.


Unify your data model using the Canvas API and replica database to power your insights with clinical and operational data.

Have all of the data

  • Full-copy, read-only
  • Real time (sub 5-second latency)
  • SQL-phillic data stores
  • Full semantic modelling

We won’t break your queries

  • All DB queries monitored (and kept confidential)
  • Schema changes auto-generate necessary query updates
  • Get schema updates seven days in advance of schema change roll-out
Canvas is the world's first EMR and payments development platform

Like you, we scratch our heads over the silly things that pass for "acceptable" in healthcare IT. So we built a game-changing clinical documentation experience for clinicians, integrated it with payments and everything else you need to run a HealthTech business on, and kept the software developer in mind the whole time. Get started today and find out what it’s like to work in healthcare tooling that functions like SaaS, not cumbersome enterprise applications.