Yes, you still need a fax number

Parts of healthcare still use fax machines. So we made pulling structured data out fast and simple.

Quickly capture structured data from unstructured information sources

Data Exchange is a one-stop portal where all incoming unstructured documents can be assigned to patients and categorized by type, so you can swiftly pull out the relevant information as structured data and initiate the right follow up action.

Data is differentiation. An incoming efax or locally uploaded document are the only instances of unstructured data you'll encounter in Canvas. We've made abstraction and absorption easy in these moments, so you can focus on your patients.


Read, write, create and update healthcare data using our robust FHIR-based API endpoints.

Document Management

  • Assign documents to patients
  • Categorized by type
  • Document type drives intuitive data abstraction capabilities

Get back to patient care

  • View all categorized documents within patients’ charts
  • Quickly capture structured data to close quality gaps
  • Delegate further actions and reviews to teams or users
  • Ergonomic review workflow for providers and staff
Build your core technology faster on Canvas

We know firsthand - building an EMR is hard. And time consuming. That's why we built Canvas as a fully-loaded EMR and payments development platform that lets you deploy your EMR solution quickly and easily, so you can focus your time and attention on your core differentiated technology stack. Deliver better products - faster - with Canvas.