Payer-Provider Collaboration

The promise and potential of value-based care are being limited by bad software. The Canvas Workflow SDK gives payers the ability to inform and instruct workflows at the point of care. Finally, with Canvas, providers know exactly what to do when they need to do it, and quality data reporting happens automatically based on the care provided. Only by combining all the clinical data and all the claims data in an elegant user interface can we eliminate the friction of value-based programs.

“Our collaboration with Canvas brings the power of our digital health platform to independent physicians who are ready to accelerate their value-based work to improve their patients’ health and wellbeing."

Rajeev Ronanki, SVP at Anthem


Payers want to optimize the quality and cost of their care delivery networks, but do not have the technology to surface their rich data around quality and cost to providers at the point of care. Most quality and risk insights from payers today are delivered to providers in batches, entirely out of workflow. That's like giving a highway driver a map but putting it in the trunk — no wonder engagement can be as low as 5%.


With Canvas, payers present their insights where providers work in their EMR. There is no supplementary system, software, or application. The Canvas Payer SDK helps you deliver accurate and interactive insights with 90% engagement — more like a navigation app built into a driver's dashboard.