The most elegant EMR experience ever

The fastest to document. The easiest to use. Canvas is 3x faster with 80% fewer clicks.

A uniquely powerful, extensible and customizable clinical documentation tool

Medical Records features the most intuitive and fastest-to-use clinical documentation user interface (UI) ever. No switching screens, finding tabs, or scrolling through drop-downs; just pull up your virtual "canvas" and simply type what you think, such as "diagnose" to diagnose or"prescribe" to prescribe. With better user ergonomics, we’ve turned the EMR from a burdensome mandated hassle into a scientific tool.

Our suite of bidirectional FHIR APIs extend the medical record to your differentiated digital patient experience app. Our Workflow SDK enables programmatic customization of in-workflow content built on complex clinical, financial and operational logic.


The fastest to document. The easiest to use. Canvas is 3x faster with 80% fewer clicks.

Narrative Charting sets a new gold standard

  • User ergonomics make Canvas 3x faster with 80% fewer clicks
  • Capture narrative as structured data
  • No double data entry
  • No switching tabs, navigating check boxes or scrolling through menus

Protocols are a leap forward for in-EMR alerting

  • Canvas-native decision support alerts and nudges
  • Fully customizable via Workflow SDK
  • Protocols alert but don’t distract
  • Alerts are relevant, obvious and actionable

Comprehensive suite of bidirectional FHIR APIs

The Workflow SDK

  • Build fully customized, high-functioning Protocols
  • Server-side Python SDK
  • Program clinical logic to drive workflow and UI content
  • You own your IP
Attract and retain top clinical talent in a competitive job market

The scarcest resource in healthcare is the caregiver. The good news is that innovative provider organizations that prioritize the in-person and digital clinician experience will have a clear edge in the competition for talent over those trapping clinicians in antiquated software systems. Come build those experiences on Canvas!