Complex Care Delivery

Canvas is the only extensible EMR development platform that meets all of the needs for Medicare, Medicaid and chronic care delivery. Together on Canvas, developers and providers partner to define and operate their care models faster and better.

“Canvas works 3x as fast, improves performance dramatically on key quality metrics, and is incredibly easy to use. The right information is presented in the right way at the right time, and it leverages technology to improve the quality of care I provide.”

Steve Magee, Dignity Health Medical Foundation, Santa Cruz, CA


Care model delivery innovation tends to take place in spite of, not because of, the EMR. Multidisciplinary teams know exactly what they want to do, but lack modern software tooling for execution. As a result, builders are forced into trade-offs between cost, quality, and experience.  Builders must often purchase 3-5 different siloed software products (e.g. EMR, RCM, Population Health), and then battle integration, administrative, training, and maintenance nightmares. Companies are forced to hire more employees, and the employees are unsatisfied with the company’s technology offering.


Canvas built a comprehensive suite of care delivery and payment solutions - a true EMR development platform - so healthcare innovators can invent new ways to care for the sickest among us. Our Workflow SDK reliably surfaces your clinical, financial and operational data insights at the point of care. Our Collaboration, Care Management, and Quality Improvement products allow providers to manage high complexity patients and populations with coordinated communication, care plans, and data driven insights. With Canvas, execution of value-based risk management is precise.