Everything you need to order - for anything your patients need for care

Intuitive and fast to use, Orders is an end-to-end order-entry tool that works in concert with the entire Canvas platform.

Orders. Done. Easy.

Orders lets you write, send, track, receive and review orders - easily. Whether ordering labs, prescriptions (including compliant EPCS), compound drugs, referrals, imaging or DME - Canvas makes it simple and easy to get your patients the interventions they need.

And, Orders is a two way street. Auto-assign tasks to teams for needed follow up, and watch as order results automatically close quality gaps upon provider review. With Canvas, quality reporting is simple, and nothing falls through the cracks.


We navigate lab ordering, ePrescribing, and health system integrations so you can focus on building differentiated care experiences.

Everything you need 

  • Rx, EPCS, compound drugs, referrals, imaging, DME
  • Write, send, track, receive, review
  • Order entry workflow closes relevant quality gaps

Unified with the note

  • Your order is your documentation
  • Delegate or send orders directly from the note
  • Auto-generate tasks based on order type

Order - faster!

  • Order sets easily configured for all workflows
  • Standing orders for routine care
  • Future orders for time-relevant care

Build your core technology faster on Canvas

We know firsthand - building an EMR is hard. And time consuming. That's why we built Canvas as a fully-loaded EMR and payments development platform that lets you deploy your EMR solution quickly and easily, so you can focus your time and attention on your core differentiated technology stack. Deliver better products - faster - with Canvas.