Scheduling that works for you

Whether you see patients virtually or in-person, on-demand or by appointment; whether appointments are scheduled in a call center, or by patients in your App - Scheduling was designed to meet your needs and is easy to use and support.

A bespoke scheduling platform to manage both the supply and demand of digital care

Scheduling puts the ability to manage and optimize the supply of care, and how you respond to the demand for care, right at your fingertips. Configure capacity based on provider preference, appointment type, location and time. Even layer in logic around cohorts of patients who require certain types of care, need to see certain providers, or present unique complexity. 

And, because Scheduling is fully extensible through our APIs, it’s easy to search, create and update appointments directly from your differentiated digital patient experience app, with the same bespoke features and capabilities you enjoy inside of Canvas.


Whether you see patients in-person or virtually across 50 states, we can handle even your most complex use cases.

Fully integrated with all of Canvas

  • Create appointments from the note as part of the treatment plan
  • Solicit appointment using the Canvas Populations patient engagement tool
  • Search, create and update appointments via API
  • Program supply and demand management policy logic in the Canvas Workflow SDK

Easily managed with intuitive interface and familiar tools

  • Take advantage of Google Calendar's full scheduling features to manage clinician availability
  • Administrators or clinicians can use Google Calendar on the go to manage availability
  • Easily add schedule blocks to reserve capacity and define utilization policies (e.g. for same-day appointments)

Everything you need to manage the supply and demand of care

  • Fully configurable visit types and durations
  • Automate or manually send appointment reminders via secure text or email
  • Manage by visit type, location, clinician or patient
  • Configure holds and blocks
  • Book, reschedule and "no-show" appointments with or without a charge
  • Manage on-demand care queuing (coming soon!)
  • Account for travel times for in-field care (coming soon!)
Scheduling can be complex - it’s easy to get started on Canvas!

Connecting patients and clinicians - in person or virtually - is the primary driver of healthcare operations. Shouldn't your scheduling tool tame the complexity? Download your EMR, get our API Keys, check out the documentation - and get started today on Canvas - the first and only EMR and payments development platform in existence.