Aggregators & Physician Enablement

Canvas was built to provide longitudinal care and perform in value-based payment models. On Canvas, the provider experience is simply better, and population health and healthcare economics teams finally have the EMR development platform that enhances their ability to customize and optimize care pathways. And because the Protocols you build with the Workflow SDK are your intellectual property, now you can capture the value of what makes you elite: keeping people healthy.


Physician enablement organizations rely on dispersing best practices across their networks, but first-generation EMR systems make it impossible or expensive to place the right information at the point of care. To hack antiquated systems, workflows too often rely on fax machines, delayed time cycles, and an army of administrators that bloat the total cost of care. Even worse, data is still siloed and trapped, making it difficult to analyze, let alone leverage, data as a competitive advantage.


The Canvas EMR development platform combines the most elegant EMR user interface ever with the power of the Workflow SDK to control workflow to drive better outcomes with less resource use. Gone are the days of waiting for your EMR vendors development cycles to afford time for your needs. With Canvas you control your own destiny and have all of the tools you need to build your differentiated care model.

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