The developer tools you need to scale up good medicine

As a developer in a care delivery organization, you have two objectives: help clinicians deliver good medicine, and iterate on the care model over time. When your company chooses Canvas, you can achieve both objectives quickly and safely. Use our Plugins SDK to customize your workflows, and use our FHIR API to read and write data.

Accelerate your workflows with the Canvas Plugins SDK

"We found Canvas to be the only EMR that gives our engineers the control they need to build differentiated in-house technology to support our home-based care model both through in-person and virtual services." — CEO, Risk-bearing Senior Care

The typical EMR workflow controls of templates and pop-ups don't help anyone — they get in the way of good medicine. As a developer using the Plugins SDK to support care teams on Canvas, you can write protocols and automations in Python with all the nuance required to safely accomplish big gains in efficiency, effectiveness, and equity of care.

Connect your apps and data with the Canvas FHIR API

"The ability to integrate is far superior to other options, which is a significant advantage for us. The developer experience is also much better compared to other platforms in the EHR space." — CTO, Risk-bearing Kidney Care

Seamlessly integrate your patient-facing applications, external data from any 3rd party, or specialized internal applications. Canvas supports more FHIR resource endpoints than any other major ambulatory EMR, and more writable FHIR resources than any EMR bar none. Canvas leadership in FHIR implementation means faster development for you and easier portability of code to other use cases.