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Pricing FAQs

A patient is only considered “active” to us if they are indeed active for you. 

A patient is considered active if they fall into one of three categories:

  • The patient is enrolled in a direct membership or subscription program (where the patient pays a set regular amount for services) on the final day of each calendar month. Canvas makes it clear, easy and in-workflow to denote such patients.
  • The patient is attributed to you under a partially or fully capitated health insurance model for a calendar month. Canvas makes it clear, easy and in-workflow to denote such patients.
  • Or, if neither of those are true, if the patient has a recorded care encounter or interaction in their medical record - be it synchronous or asynchronous.

We invoice each month in arrears and send a full accounting by patient of all active patients for that month.

Canvas gives you all the tools you need to receive payments from both patients and health plans - and every patient’s financial status is automatically accounted for and displayed right in their chart. Whether a patient uses a credit card to cover their co-pay, or you receive a claim remit from a health plan - Canvas automatically posts the payment details to each patient’s financial ledger.

The Posted Payment Fee attaches to:

  • Patient fee-for-service payments (co-pays and cost-share/deductibles)
  • Patient subscription or membership payments (if recorded in Canvas)
  • Insurance claim remit payments
  • Insurance capitation payments
  • Direct payments by patient employers.

The Canvas platform comes loaded with all of the features needed to send statements, invoices and insurance claims to patients, health plans and employers.

The Canvas platform comes loaded with all of the features needed to receive payments from patients, health plans and employers.

Canvas does not provide RCM services - your teams or agents are responsible for managing the claim lifecycle, sending patient statements, and collecting receivables.

No! The Monthly Active Patient Fee and the Posted Payments Fee cover the full cost to install and support Canvas, complete with a robust implementation and training program and on-going user and developer support and outage SLAs.

It also includes most third-party integrations with national and regional reference labs, HIEs and other ancillary service providers. In the event you need a custom integration, we may need to charge you on a Statement of Work basis, but our goal is not to have to.

There are also some pass through costs for things like Stripe and Zoom (if you use ours) as well as e-faxing and sending paper statements to patients.

We do charge a $1,000/month minimum to get started.

No. One of our primary design principles has been to provide all of the clinician-facing tools and functions in one system. With Narrative Charting at the center, each of Canvas’s products integrate with each other to eliminate the need for disparate systems, screen switching and swivel chairing, and an endless configuration of duct-taped integrations. Canvas comes with key clinical capabilities built right into the EMR, including care management, care team collaboration, and quality improvement.

Our standard initial term is for 24-months, rolling into 1-year renewals after that.

No. Unless your business needs extraordinary levels of service or unique product support, our publicly posted pricing is our pricing.

What's Included

Medical Records

Medical Records

Secure online medical records within a unified extensible platform
  • 3x faster with 80% fewer clicks
  • Built for user ergonomics


Fully-featured collaboration and productivity tools inside the EMR
  • Powerful, intuitive task management system
  • In-system instant messaging
  • Highly configurable and extensible


Send orders quickly and receive structured results
  • Rx, EPCS, compound drugs, referrals, imaging, DME
  • Unified with the note
  • Fast and convenient
Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement

Built-in quality protocols to support MIPS and HEDIS objectives
  • Driven by ergonomic Protocols
  • Identify and act on care gaps
  • No effort data submission for MIPS and HEDIS programs
Data Exchange

Data Exchange

Quickly abstract relevant data from incoming unstructured documents
  • Quickly manage incoming faxes
  • Abstract data from unstructured information
  • Assign documents to patients and categorize by type


Bespoke extensible scheduling platform for all types of care
  • Highly configurable
  • Manage supply and demand of patient visits
  • Extensible through APIs
Patient Payments

Patient Payments

Send branded invoices and post and track incoming patient payments
  • Generate and send patient invoices
  • Auto-posting of credit card payments
  • Financial data and status visible in patient chart
Insurance Payments

Insurance Payments

Accept fee-for-service and value-based insurance payments
  • Verify coverages and benefits
  • Manage full life cycle of a claim
  • Enjoy full RCM situational awareness
Custom Analytics

Custom Analytics

Point your SQL queries at all of your data, available in real-time
  • Access full-fidelity, real-time read-only replica DB
  • We monitor queries so schema changes don’t break them
Medical Records
Secure online medical records within a unified extensible platform.
per Active Patient per month
Create and manage teams, tasks, and responsibilities, and chat among coworkers
per Active User per month
Send labs, imaging, prescriptions and other orders and receive structured results
per Order
Quality Improvement
Built-in quality protocols designed to support MIPS and HEDIS objectives
per Active Patient per month
Data Exchange
Link external documents to Medical Records with full data abstraction capabilities
per Processed Document
Create and manage patient appointments, provider capacity, and utilization policies
per Active Patient per month
Patient Payments
Branded invoices and payment posting
per Prepared Invoice
per Posted Payment
Insurance Payments
Full revenue cycle software, including benefit verification, claims submission, and remittances
per Benefit Verification Request
per Claim Submitted
per Remitted Claim
Custom Analytics
Write custom reports and data pipelines with SQL to get the insights you need, reliably
per Medical Record per month
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