Where developers and clinicians build the future of healthcare.

Our mission is to improve human health through
clinician-developer collaboration.

Canvas is a technology company that builds digital infrastructure for care delivery.

We are deeply committed to accelerating the new generation of innovators
daring to make American health care more convenient, more affordable,
and more effective for all.

Rooted in Empathy,
Aided by Technology.

The Story of Canvas.

Canvas was founded in 2015 by a data scientist who was astonished and moved to action by the burden that typical EMRs place on clinicians.

Andrew Hines watched as his wife, Anna, a family nurse practitioner, wasted endless hours of their family time finishing charting. Often moved to profound frustration, Anna was losing faith in her calling. Andrew began asking questions, watching as she clicked between countless dropdowns and templates, and quickly developed a hypothesis. Combatting the growing crisis of faith amongst clinicians would require an EMR that utilizes clean, structured data in an intuitive, human-centered format, to deliver better patient outcomes and better quality of life for primary care clinicians and their care teams.

We started from scratch, designing a new EMR 
with the end-user in mind.

Andrew set out to shift the paradigm of what an EMR can
and should be. Since that day, Canvas has been devoted to shattering expectations, offering a fully integrated Health IT suite for their partners. Canvas treats their partners as members of their own team, and works tirelessly to meet and exceed their needs.

It is our passion, and our duty, to support the independent primary care clinicians who treat and protect us.

- Andrew Hines

The old way of doing things has already been disrupted

Across the land, agile, creative software companies are already delivering more personalized, more effective care to patients virtually. The traditional ways of care delivery have already been disrupted and the days of slow, siloed and expensive legacy health IT are numbered. The next chapter in how we care for our families and our neighbors is already being written.

Better software is the answer. What do you want to build today?

The Canvas
Leadership Team

United by a shared vision to humanize the EMR experience.

Andrew Hines, M.S.E.

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew is a data scientist, software engineer and entrepreneur. He holds a BS in Mathematical Statistics and Business Administration from SFSU and an MS in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University.

Beau Gunderson

Chief Technology Officer

Beau, Canvas Medical’s Chief Technology Officer, is a data engineer with a focus on health and genetic data. He likens his role at Canvas to that of a gardener, planting the seeds for new technology that helps clinicians and their patients thrive, nurturing its growth, and judiciously pruning any processes that complicate the platform as needed.

Tim Nussbaum

SVP, Sales & Marketing

Tim leads customer growth efforts at Canvas and manages payer partnerships and business development. Prior to Canvas, Tim led all commercial efforts at Multiscale, a clinical data analytics firm acquired by Tegria in 2020. Prior to Multiscale, Tim served as Managing Director of Physician development at Privia Health, leading the flagship Mid-Atlantic market sales team. He holds an MBA from The George Washington University School of Business and a BA in Government from Hamilton College.

Kory Dieter

VP, Business Operations

As VP of Business Operations, Kory is responsible for overseeing day-to-day company operations at Canvas Medical. She works closely across all teams to implement and sustain operational systems and processes that help serve Canvas Medical’s stakeholders in the most impactful ways possible.

Mel van Londen

VP, Product Management

Mel, Canvas Medical’s VP of Product Management, is a technically-minded product manager with RCM subject matter expertise. He is a strong proponent of value-based care delivery models to align patient-outcomes with financial incentives.

Saharsh Patel, M.D.

VP, Strategy and Operations

Saharsh joined Canvas in 2020 as a VP of Strategy and Operations. As a physician, he felt the agonizing pain inflicted by incumbent EHR software. He saw the weight EHRs were placing on his teams, its contribution to burnout, and the barriers it put up to providing meaningful care.

Kristen O'Neill

VP, Product Operations

As VP of Product Operations, Kristen works collaboratively across teams to incorporate user feedback into Canvas' product strategy and roadmap .  Prior to Canvas, Kristen spent 7 years at Privia Health, helping to recruit, onboard, and train over 2,600 providers across 6 markets. Kristen holds an MBA from Vanderbilt's Owen Graduate School of Management and a BS in Healthcare Management and Policy from Georgetown University.