Accept and collect any kind of insurance payments

Canvas lets you accept all insurance payments, whether commercial, government, MVA or any other insurance type. And, don't just accept, but collect exactly what you’re owed while growing your patient volume.

Full revenue cycle management for however you get paid today - and tomorrow

Getting paid as a healthcare provider is hard. With Insurance Payments, Canvas gives your clinical and finance teams everything they need for the whole revenue cycle, from the moment a visit is scheduled to collection of the every dollar owed for the care you provided.

And because Canvas was built for the world ‘of two canoes’, Insurance Payments ensures you collect both fee-for service and value-based care revenue fully, accurately and efficiently.


Canvas lets you accept all insurance payments, whether commercial, government, MVA or any other type.

Pre-encounter efficiency

  • Automated eligibility and benefits verification
  • Email and text appointment reminders
  • Visibility to patient accounts at check-in

Easy claim creation and submission

  • Automated CPT and Dx code capture in note
  • Claim scrubbing and automated claim submission
  • Fine-grained coverage management at claim level
  • Snooze claims for future action

Post submission claim management

  • Full situational awareness over every single claim
  • Claim Ledger allows analysis by payer, CPT code and payment allocation
  • Adjudication Engine automates remittance handling
  • Configurable adjudication and posting behavior
  • Claims Table allows dynamic views and batched actions throughout lifecycle
  • Full auditability through immutable and timestamped activities logging

Part of full RCM suite of capabilities, built into your EMR

  • End-to-end RCM functionality
  • Adjudicate between charges, allowables, insurance payment, patient payments, write offs and remittances
  • Enjoy full situational awareness of where each and every dollar is in your revenue cycle
  • View financial status in the patient chart
  • Highly extensible with APIs
  • Programmatic claims and accounts management through SDK (coming soon!)
How you get paid is complex and dynamic

We understand that scaling a HealthTech business is as much about adapting your capabilities - to meet new, dynamic opportunities - as it is about finding patients. Canvas is designed to scale with you as your business evolves, across both your care models and the ways you earn revenue. Whether you’re getting your idea off the ground through D2C, or entering another global capitation program, Canvas has you covered when it comes to getting paid.