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Essential (primary) hypertension (110)

Approximate Date of Onset: 2 years ago

Today's assessement: medication mgmt and nutritional counseling


Lab Order: 


Comprehensive Metabolic Panel


Microalbumin, 24 Hour Urine

Lab Partner: Precision Diagnostic - 2300 Delaware Ave



lis 20

Lisinopril 20mg Tablet


Essential (Primary) Hyper Tension (110)

SIG: Once daily       

QTY to Dispense: 30x Tablet       

Refills: 2

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Canvas was born from the belief that we have a moral imperative to create a more effective, fully integrated Health IT Platform that is based on natural human behavior, rather than dictating it, to equip care teams with the tools necessary to move medicine forward.

“Canvas thinks like me. I put the cursor anywhere in the chart, start typing, and Canvas organizes the note into SOAP format. I don’t have to tailor my thoughts to the computer. It feels like an extension of my brain.”

Dr. Marge Bisenius
Midwest Regional Health Services,
Omaha NE

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Canvas is a comprehensive, integrated, and cloud-based platform that powers your entire practice.

Canvas shatters the industry standard of what an EMR should be, with a cohesive suite of vital care tools that are intuitive to use. Supported by technology, you can focus on your patients, collaborate with your care team, ensure better clinical outcomes, and get the reimbursements you deserve.

Groundbreaking Narrative Charting equips you to work smarter and up to 3x faster

Integrated Population Health Management improves health outcomes and allows you to thrive with value based care

Powerful Revenue Cycle Management streamlines billing and reduces denials

All the extras, included: scheduling, data exchange, and patient engagement

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    Our integrated toolkit improves your ability to provide quality care and keep all protocols up to date for all patients at all times, all within the charting experience.

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    Canvas maximizes the profitability of your practice and adapts to fee-for-service and value-based payment models.

“Canvas works 3x as fast, improves performance dramatically on key quality metrics, and is incredibly easy to use. The right information is presented in the right way at the right time, and it leverages technology to improve the quality of care I provide.”

Steve Magee,
Dignity Health Medical Foundation,
Santa Cruz, CA

Our bedside manner is impeccable.

Our team ethos is built on an unwavering dedication to exceptional service that goes the distance. We know that switching EMRs feels overwhelming, but our team will be with you every step of the way to ensure uninterrupted patient care and the financial health of your practice.

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