At Canvas, our mission is to give super powers to care teams through software. We fundamentally believe that enabling developers and clinicians to rapidly collaborate on iterations of care models will improve the quality of care they can deliver to patients. Helping teams understand what they can do with Canvas and how they can leverage Canvas to improve their care model helps speed up that iteration. Not only do we want to provide an extensible platform that gives customers’ control, we also want to make it super easy to understand and work with. One way great software platforms and development tools do this is by having incredible documentation. To that end, we are thrilled to announce the initial release of our new documentation site, Canvas Docs.

With Canvas Docs, we hope to provide a landing place for partners, prospects, and customers to achieve 5 things:

  • Show users what is possible
  • Provide answers through reference documentation for both developers and users
  • Provide technical specifications developers need to build and extend care models
  • Keep users up to date with changes in the Canvas platform
  • Make it copy paste easy to quickly get up and going with common workflows

We had much of this information available previously but the content was split between many locations like ReadMe and Zendesk. Now all of this information will live in one unified site: Canvas Docs will bring together our existing content and will be home to the following resources:  

Guides: how to implement workflows using a combination of the API, SDK, and out-of-the-box functionality

Developer docs (API & SDK): how to build and integrate with the platform

User docs: how to set up and use the platform

Release notes: what's new in the platform

We hope that merging the content will reduce the friction when trying to find the answers to your questions. With unified search, this new site will become an invaluable tool designed to help you discover all that is possible with Canvas. 

The transition

The initial release is live and it will continue to grow quickly. We wanted to get it out as quickly as possible so that you can start benefiting from our new content. 

What is available now?

Today’s launch includes our updated FHIR API documentation, our workflow kit documentation, a handful of new guides, and some supporting user documentation. 

Guides: The guides represent an exciting new format geared at providing practical guidance on implementing common workflows by stringing together the other resources. 

Developer Docs - FHIR API: We announced our new FHIR API last week 🎉. Read more about it here. The docs on the new site reflect all of the updates that we have made in rebuilding the API. In the coming weeks, there will be additional communication regarding our migration plan. Both APIs will be supported during the transition period and you will still be able to access our legacy API docs at a new url: More to come!

Developer Docs - Canvas SDK: We have migrated 100% of Canvas Workflow Kit content, with some slight changes to the organization to provide better clarity. 

User Docs: We have prioritized migrating the articles referenced in the guides to ensure a unified experience. 

What is coming?

This will be an ongoing investment. We will continue to drive towards adding value through an increased understanding of our product. 

Guides: We will continue to release guides on a regular cadence. Make sure to check back from time to time to see our newly published guides.  

User Docs: We will continue to migrate our user documentation from Zendesk through the end of the year. During that time, we will keep both resources up to date with changes made in the application. As the new site may not be fully comprehensive, we encourage you to continue searching for answers to your questions in Zendesk. We’ll let you know when the migration is complete.

Release Notes: Effectively communicating changes to our platform is a must. We will be adding a changelog with the ability to subscribe so that you can stay informed.

We Want Your Feedback!

We want to support you and your input is invaluable to us. As you explore the new documentation site, we encourage you to share your thoughts, suggestions, and experiences with us using this form. What other information and in what formats would that information be useful to you?