As health technology companies usher in long-overdue healthcare modernization, we understand that their urgency is not only to meet market demand for differentiated digital patient experiences—but also to outpace competitors for patients, clinicians, and capital in the first-to-market race for novel care models. 

Today, we released a new Developer Dashboard that, along with our existing developer tools, will enable our customers to accelerate product development, optimize capital, and minimize risk as they explore new care and business models and financial opportunities. 

Canvas gives you an edge.

Canvas is the first EMR and payments development platform for healthcare that allows digital health companies to build and deploy new patient experiences and business models faster and cheaper than ever before. With time and resources saved from building the core clinical and financial functions from scratch or patching together countless point-to-point integrations, Canvas gives you the freedom to focus development efforts on your core product and competitive advantages. Spend your time creating an exceptional care experience to win more patients, signing additional payer and employer contracts, and earning the next round of funding - all while supercharging your clinical team’s ability to provide world-class, digitally-enabled care.

"We explored building the EMR we thought we'd need ourselves, but quickly realized that was an expensive, time-consuming path to go down in a market that's moving quickly," says Dan Anolik, CTO of Vivante Health, the leading digital solution for digestive health and disease, and Canvas customer. "That we didn't have to build the EMR, and could focus on our core dev work around our patient app has greatly expedited our time to scale.”

Whether you’re building and launching your first product or expanding into new revenue models or lines of business, Canvas offers a comprehensive suite of tools to meet your company’s needs at each stage of your growth story. 

Here’s how. 

Start building your product in minutes.

Over the past four years, we’ve revolutionized the clinical documentation experience with our groundbreaking Narrative Charting, which in side-by-side tests is 3x faster with 80% fewer clicks than other menu-based EMRs. Now, our new self-serve Developer Dashboard further unlocks our suite of APIs and our Workflow SDK to fuel innovative health technology companies driving their products to market. 

The Canvas Developer Dashboard allows you to launch and manage all of your Canvas infrastructure on demand, including your EMR, the APIs, and the SDK. Seamlessly move between your dev, test, and prod environments, and rely on our end-to-end monitoring and alerting. We’ve long heard from software developers who have been waiting for modern tooling to arrive in healthcare—and with our Developer Dashboard, it has.

The new Developer Dashboard, in conjunction with our documentation, gives you full control over the core infrastructure you need to build your business: 

  • The EMR – Stand up your EMR and payments environment in minutes, explore our 9 (and growing!) products, and start optimizing the workflow workhorse of your delivery model. 
  • API suite – Choose from a wide selection of bidirectional FHIR compliant clinical and financial endpoints extending your ability to schedule appointments, complete questionnaires, check eligibility, submit claims, and more—all outside of Canvas. You can literally start making API Calls in mere minutes.
  • Workflow SDK – Programmatically define, scale, and update custom clinical, operational, and financial workflows and decision support to control your entire delivery model.

A given golden standard. 

For clinical stakeholders, Canvas is proven to help practitioners work 3X faster with 80% fewer clicks during charting, removing untenable friction from clinical practice and reducing the cognitive load of clinical documentation. 

Finally, clinicians and developers can work hand-in-hand to create highly customized digital care products—elegant in design and powerful in clinical outcomes—and establish new and innovative approaches to care.

Build for today. Be ready for tomorrow.

All tech startups must focus on bringing new products to market, but startups in healthcare need to also anticipate that eventually, your care model and the way you get paid will change. Whether you need to scale patient volume or pivot to a new revenue model, the Canvas platform allows you to easily turn on additional products without the cost of switching systems or the headaches of the point-to-point duct-taping we’re accustomed to in healthcare technology. Canvas makes it easy to launch with a direct-to-consumer membership model with Patient Payments and seamlessly take on fee-for-service and value-based payment arrangements with Insurance Payments

“Because Canvas is an EMR plus billing and scheduling - we have everything we need from one vendor partner,” says Anolik. “We've already expanded the features we're using, even before going live, as our business needs became clearer."

With our robust suite of products, Canvas is the single-source solution for any payment model and any care model.

This is just the beginning.

For too long, developers and clinicians have been forced to operate as separate teams without much opportunity or ability for meaningful collaboration. No more. Canvas is the first and only digital health infrastructure solution that brings technical and clinical teams together to cooperatively and rapidly build disruptive care solutions. Together, we can break the status quo and reinvent how modern American healthcare is delivered to patients for the better. 

Get started with Canvas and begin building and customizing your products immediately—and at no cost until you start seeing patients.  

For startups launching best-in-class, first-to-market products, our new Developer Dashboard and developer tool suite are just the beginning. Stay tuned to our blog and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for more upcoming roadmap announcements.