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Plugins Concept

Introducing Plugins and the Canvas SDK

By Canvas Medical

Announcing our new open-source patient experience

By Canvas Medical

New year, new release process

By Kristen O'Neill
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Everything you need to practice your kind of medicine

Certified EMR with billing, scheduling, and all the other things you do.

Seamless workflows by design

Hundreds of clinical and administrative features work in harmony out of the box thanks to the Deep Unified Architecture™ Canvas is known for.

Minutes to mastery

The hallmark Narrative Charting™ experience for clinicians feels like second nature.

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Integrate everything with FHIR

Connect dozens of apps and data (including yours) with the leading FHIR API.

Automate anything with the Canvas SDK

Discover, create, and collaborate on AI-powered protocols that safely operate Canvas as an agentic member of your care team.

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Accelerate outcomes

Canvas provides full-stack solutions for Clinics, Builders, and Enterprises.

Clinic & Builder Plans

Clinic and Builder plans are made for startups to launch with Canvas on day one. Choose Clinic if you want a no-code experience. Choose Builder if you want developer tools included.

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Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is for scaling organizations that need premium service and ongoing collaboration, as well as enterprise features like orchestration, custom monitoring, and advanced fine-grained permissioning.

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Canvas is an open core company

We partner with the community to accelerate the practice of medicine.


A patient facing mobile application

A FHIR-based cross-platform mobile app for patients. Supports scheduling, messaging, payments, medical records, and more. Compatible with any EMR that has API access to FHIR resources.


Deliver more effective and efficient care with protocols

A repository of community built protocols for Canvas to customize workflows and highlight or recommend services and interventions.


A server side SDK to customize Canvas

With the Canvas SDK, organizations can create Plugins that control workflows, the interaction design, and how various systems (internal and external to Canvas) interact with one another.


An ASGI FHIR API framework

A Python FHIR server framework that enables developers to easily create FHIR-compliant APIs.


ICD-10 historical archives

A historical repository of ICD-10 files published by CMS going back to 2018.


Python framework for data interchange

A Python library for repeatable and sharable data mappings and transformations through Python dict objects and native sequence comprehensions.