EMR and payments platform for healthcare

Care delivery companies — from 4-person telehealth startups to 40 million-member health plans — leverage Canvas Medical's software and APIs to launch new patient experiences and business models faster, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

An EMR and payments platform for health care

trusted by the best in digital care delivery

Fully integrated clinical, financial, and operational tools - on top of a dev toolkit

That's the Canvas advantage. Innovative teams need an EMR and payments solution built for both clinicians and software developers. We bring together everything it takes to integrate new digital patient experiences, care models, and payment arrangements. The Canvas Medical platform enables orchestrating care services and payments for companies delivering direct-to-consumer virtual care, at-risk complex care, and everything in between.

The Canvas Medical platform enables established medical groups to get ahead of industry transformation, as well as novel payer-provider collaborations.

Where developers and clinicians build the future of health care
Create tailored patient experiences — fast

Canvas is a headless EMR with built-in payments and insurance reimbursements

Every growing care delivery company relies on an EMR and practice management system to deliver care and get paid. Legacy systems are slow, rigid, and lack the extensibility and control you need to optimize care and maximize growth.

Build your new patient experiences faster on Canvas to keep your care team at the top of their game and win more patients in more markets.

What do you need to win?
A medical chart

Equip your care team with the world's most ergonomic charting experience

Built-in ordering for labs, medications (eRx and EPCS), images, and referrals — along with tracking and result reporting workflows designed for follow-through

Highly structured data drives API and SDK use cases for integration with your patient-facing software, scalable evidence-based medicine, and business process automation

Designed for developers to participate safely as bona fide members of the care team, using the APIs and SDK to help clinicians and care team members work consistently at the top of their capabilities

Fully unified with all Canvas Medical products underpinned by a common, consistent, connected data model: Scheduling, Billing, Reporting, and more

Develop against an ever-expanding set of FHIR R4-compliant endpoints with all the HTTP verbs you need for your use cases

Help guide our continuous implementation of more and more FHIR resources and optional-but-necessary fields on existing resources

Fork our Postman Collection to explore the endpoints and quickly start developing and testing requests for your use cases

Minimize lock-in and maximize stability by relying on our commitment to industry standard schemas (FHIR) and content (USCDI)

Server-side Python SDK enables rich workflow controls with near-zero latency

Intervene thoughtfully in workflow with an expanding list of intervention types, including recommendations, annotations, banners, inline controls, and more

Define workflow intervention triggers on an ever-expanding set of events across clinical, operational, and financial workflows

Program with high-level concepts via AHRQ-defined and Canvas-maintained value sets, rather than tediously managing thousands of literals across terminologies

Use the companion CLI to test, deploy, and iterate on your implementations as your care model and business model evolve

Trusted by enterprise leaders
Customer Stories

“Canvas thinks like me. I put the cursor anywhere in the chart, start typing, and Canvas organizes the note into SOAP format. I don’t have to tailor my thoughts to the computer. It feels like an extension of my brain.”

Dr. Marge Bisenius,
Midwest Regional Health Services, Omaha NE

Trusted by enterprise leaders
Customer Stories

“Canvas works 3x as fast, improves performance dramatically on key quality metrics, and is incredibly easy to use. The right information is presented in the right way at the right time, and it leverages technology to improve the quality of care I provide.”

Steve Magee,
Dignity Health Medical Foundation, Santa Cruz, CA

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