We take security very seriously here at Canvas. Our new Multi-Factor Authentication feature adds another layer of security to users of the Canvas app. Keep reading for more details on this and other enhanced features like client billing for labs, letter templates, and more.


Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an additional layer of security to users of the Canvas app by requiring them to verify their identity via one of the three provided factors: email, text message, or an authenticator app. Administrators have the ability to determine if MFA is required across all users or enable each user to determine if they would want to have MFA login for their profile. This provides flexibility of making this feature fully required by customer or letting users create their own security measures, while allowing utilization of specific delivery methods (i.e. user’s profile company email) or utilization of alternative methods (i.e. a users personal email address). To enable and configure MFA for your instance, please reach out to your primary Canvas contact.

Letter Template

Configurators can denote which letter and message templates can and cannot be edited by end users within the patient chart. In addition, configurators will also be able to set which locations should have the letter template available for use through the letter template selection within the patient chart. These configurations are customized within the letter template settings, with an enhanced letter templates dashboard to quickly denote each templates customized settings for easy view.

In addition, configurators can now customize information displayed on the footer of patient letters and campaigns within the letter template settings. To display these customizable footers appropriately, a 5-line limit has been set for the content that can be entered. Configurators have the ability to preview all content of customizable letters within the letter template settings, if no content is included within the customizable footer section the current standardized footer will be utilized.

PDF Note Version& Documents

Saving and Displaying of PDF Note Version Documents

This new feature saves a PDF version of a note each time it is locked or signed. These PDFs can be downloaded from the links in the footer of the note, where note state changes are recorded. As an example, clicking “View PDF” in “Jennifer Smith, MD signed this note on 09/14/2022 at 4:04 PM PDT View PDF”, will produce the PDF that was saved at the time that Jennifer Smith signed the note. If a note is signed multiple times, multiple PDFs are available. This preserves an exact version of the note each time it is locked or signed. The “Print note” function from the triple-dot menu of the note is unaffected. This will continue to produce a PDF of the most recent version of the note.

Client Billing for Labs

There is a new setting, BILL_ALL_LAB_ORDERS_TO_PRACTICE, under Constance Config in Admin that allows customers to default their lab orders to client billing. This setting will apply to all lab orders, regardless of the patient settings.

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