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User Interface

Restoring Canceled Appointments

The Restore button has been (and continues to be) a helpful feature to our users to reinstate deleted notes. We’re excited to extend that functionality. The restore button is also available after an appointment has been unintentionally canceled. In fact, any documentation added prior to cancellation will be restored as well to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.  


FHIR Question ID

Added FHIR Questionnaire ID to Settings page

Having trouble finding the FHIR ID? Well, not anymore! This release exposes the FHIR ID (used for our Questionnaires) to our Settings page. Simply navigate to Settings > Questionnaires and see the new column externally_exposable_id. This ID can be used to do a FHIR Questionnaire Read or be used during a FHIR QuestionnaireResponse Create for the questionnaire reference.

FHIR Goal resource displays achievement status

What’s better than setting goals? Tracking performance against a goal! When a Goal is updated in Canvas, users can enter “progress/barriers” (free-text) and can specify a “status” (such as “Improving” or “Worsening”). Previously, the FHIR Goal resource showed the history of progress/barriers for a Goal, but not the status. Now, it shows both.

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