San Francisco, CA, Watertown, MA, February 2, 2023/PRNewswire/ – Healthtech  innovators Canvas Medical and Zus announced today the launch of a new partnership. The partnership integrates the Zus Aggregated Profile (ZAP) into Canvas through the Canvas Contributor Program, which enables authorized 3rd parties to develop new features, functionality, integrations, and/or extend the Canvas platform for all users and customers. 

The most visionary care delivery organizations choose to build on Canvas because of its broad care modeling capabilities. They differentiate themselves by investing in care modeling as a core competency in order to meet the unique needs of their patient populations and outperform the competition. Patient sourcing and intake is a critical component. How do you maximize conversion and also triage appropriately, putting the patient’s care and safety first? Having access to patient data is key. Zus leverages its platform connected to multiple national data networks to integrate relevant external patient data directly into Canvas profiles in actionable ways, creating efficiencies that serve to elevate patient outcomes and unlock business value. 

With the official launch on February 16, Canvas users will be able to leverage the bidirectional integration with Zus to better manage their patients’ medications.  The ZAP medications solution presents a 360-degree view of a patient’s medications that can be reviewed and reconciled directly in Canvas. Zus aggregates millions of records from networks covering 99% of pharmacies in the U.S., deduplicating multiple different data types such as medication statements and dispensed medications to produce a single clinically relevant list of outside medications for each patient. Next up for the partnership is surfacing additional data elements, including conditions, medical histories, ADT messages, and lab results.

“This is just the beginning,” says Zus CEO Jonathan Bush. “The extreme customizability that has earned Canvas its reputation, combined with the Zus ability to get providers up to speed and keep them in the know on patients regardless of where they get care, gives Canvas a vastly expanded “canvas” upon which to build their superb care solutions.”

This partnership represents one of the first achievements of Canvas’s newly launched Contributor Program. Builders like Zus can quickly embed their solutions into the point of care within Canvas by contributing directly to Canvas’s source code. Canvas is excited to adopt the best of the “open core” philosophy within the unique environment of healthcare technology to collaborate with trusted partners and enable accelerated development of innovative features and functionality. 

For Canvas Medical CEO Andrew Hines, the solution and the partnership was easy to see. “Zus's vision and velocity is second to none, so it was a no-brainer to blaze a new trail together. We believe this groundbreaking partnership approach, and Zus's strategic contributions in particular, will solve bigger problems faster for our mutual customers, redefining the speed and effectiveness of collaborative development in health technology.”

In contrast to models of the past with walled-off or outsourced IT departments, health tech innovators today have product and engineering teams working hand-in-hand with their clinicians to collaborate on purpose-built software.

Canvas and Zus believe this new paradigm will transform care delivery, and the partnership paves the way to make it even simpler for the clinician-developer duo to build technology tailored to their unique care model.

Excited about the partnership? Join us for an upcoming Webinar on February 16 as we discuss building these new teams, and share a demo of the all-new Zus Medications integration directly in Canvas. Among the many topics discussed, participants will cover the importance of creating an EMR that utilizes clean, structured data in an intuitive, human-centered format, to deliver better patient outcomes and better quality of life for primary care clinicians and their care teams. Click here to sign up. 

About Canvas Medical

Founded in 2015, Canvas Medical provides the digital infrastructure for care delivery companies. Its offerings include HITRUST-certified and ONC-certified EMR with intuitive care coordination and management workflows, a FHIR API and Workflow SDK that provide industry-leading platform extensibility, and end-to-end RCM functionality. The company works with customers of all care models and verticals, from direct-to-consumer virtual care to at-risk complex care and everything in between. For more information about Canvas Medical, visit

About Zus Health

Zus is a shared health data platform designed to accelerate healthcare data interoperability by providing easy-to-use patient data at the point of care via API, embedded components, and direct EHR integrations. Founded in 2021 by Jonathan Bush, co-founder and former CEO of athenahealth, Zus partners with HIEs and other data networks to aggregate patient clinical history and then translates that history into user-friendly information at the point of care. Our networks provide access to data across 70K+ provider sites and 270M+ patients. Zus's mission is to catalyze healthcare's greatest inventors by maximizing the value of patient insights - so that they can build up, not around. To learn more, visit

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