Make the switch
with confidence.

Canvas migrates 95% of patient data from your current EMR. Other EMRs migrate as little as 5%.

We're here for you every step of the way.

Switching doesn’t have to be an ordeal. As your health IT partner, we are here for you through all stages of the transition. We not only manage data migration and training, but also stay onsite to address all your questions and concerns and provide moral support.

Data Migration

Your patients' data is our priority.

We perform every step of the data migration ourselves.

The results are so good, you’ll have all your data at go-live and never have to switch back and forth between the old and new.

Unlike most EMRs that outsource data migration to remote third-party technicians, we own the responsibility to transfer the majority of your clinical and administrative data to Canvas. We believe that anything less than almost everything is not good enough. You will never have to worry about being in front of a patient at go-live with an empty or incomplete chart.

The results speak for themselves:

Smooth transitions

We work with your previous vendor to facilitate the best possible migrations. For every EMR we migrate from, Canvas builds a custom migration tool to analyze, organize and transfer patient data into Canvas.

Complete data

We migrate at least 95% of your data—including electronic files, scanned files, PDFs, and discrete data—and extract as much structured data as possible, making it easy to access and act on.

Data you can trust

Our strict quality control processes ensure your data is accurate and actionable from day one, giving you complete patient records and the ability to start new Population campaigns right away.

Community integration

All the connections you had with labs, imaging centers, ACOs, or physician networks are made in Canvas.

Optimized workflows

The custom workflows you created in your old EMR are recreated for a streamlined experience in Canvas.

Business continuity

All financial reporting and metrics programs are set up in Canvas before shutting off the old system so they keep operating nonstop.

“Canvas ran a thorough deployment process that was tailored to the needs of our business and team. The training was personalized for each clinician based on their learning style. And they migrated 98% of our data so we would never need to look at our old EMR again.”

Dr. Donald Darst,
Midwest Regional Health Services,
Omaha, NE

Training and Go-Live

We're in this together.

Surviving the switch requires a well developed plan and the ability to make adjustments as you progress.

Canvas smooths the way with planning and training that is always free.

Planning for success

Turn your team’s anxiety into excitement. Canvas has your back from the moment we develop your contract, spelling out all costs, anticipated timelines, and potential issues so there are no surprises.

Our comprehensive planning services include:

Surveys, demos, feedback

We’ll involve everyone in your practice in the decision-making process to ensure buy-in and tolerance for the migration process.

Demo with patient data

We’ll let you experience your workflows with your own patient data in Canvas to determine if customization will be necessary.

Financial planning

We’ll help you figure out how to depreciate your old EMR and transition to the new.

Training for readiness

Go live only when every member of your care team is ready. Free, on-site training is included, using realistic scenarios and your own workflows to prepare everyone for success. Our training is conducted by a team of empathetic, highly trained and clinically savvy professionals, selected for their experience working with practices of your size and complexity.

Launching with confidence

Canvas will stay with you on Day 1 and won’t leave until everything is running smoothly and everyone feels comfortable using the platform. While we’re onsite, our engineering team stands by to ensure that any issues that arise during go-live are resolved immediately, often on the same day.

“This was my fourth EMR install, so I was skeptical when they said it’d be done over one weekend. But they brought in a team of six and had us up and running on Monday morning just as promised. The switching process was a truly remarkable and collaborative experience.”

Dr. Donald Darst,
Midwest Regional Health Services,
Omaha, NE

On-going Support

Our support staff is an extension of your team.

Our support is as human-centered as our EMR and has no expiration date. You’ll get to know your support team by name and can call on them anytime.

You don’t need to know our jargon. Each of our dedicated support professionals has lots of healthcare experience and understands the complexities of medicine and the realities of being a clinician. They’ll talk with you in a non-technical, clinically-savvy way you can easily understand.


Support is at your fingertips, without having to leave your patient’s chart. Just open up the chat box and begin typing your question. A member of our support team will respond.


If you prefer the telephone, you can call our support team anytime and they can answer questions and walk you through the technical support you need.

“The Canvas support team is super proactive. We have a standing twice-monthly video call to walk through new features and discuss any challenges that come up. Lots of companies say they're big communicators but Canvas is the real deal.”

Dr. Joseph Cama,
Caribou Family Practice,
Wellsboro, PA

Canvas is a fully integrated Health IT Suite.

Typical EMRs fall short on delivering the real, integrated solutions you and your care team need for the health of your patients and your practice.

Every partner gets the same complete platform, ready to power your practice, with white-glove data migration and 360° training for your entire staff. It’s all included. We will never charge for training, support, new features or upgrades.

EMR Base Cost Revenue Management Data Migration Population Management Integrations Patient Scheduling On-site Training Patient Communication Unlimmited Support Software Updates Typical EMR PRODUCT SERVICE $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

We believe in innovation, even when it comes to price.

Canvas has developed a pricing model for our complete integrated Health IT Suite that lets you manage your risk and align your technology spend with the success of your business.

Per Patient Per Month

Canvas’ innovative Per Patient payment model aligns our incentives around patient health and practice profitability. No haggling over licenses or who counts as a clinician. Simply pay for the patients you see during your payment period.

Good for: Practices with diverse lines of business (fee-for-service, value-based, direct) with multidisciplinary teams.

Fair Price Guarantee

Canvas automatically counts patient encounters and discounts patients who are heavy users.

Per Clinician Per Month

Simple monthly pricing is based on your number of practicing clinicians. Unlimited non-clinical staff.

Good for: Established practices with mostly fee-for-service revenue, and practices with mostly full-time providers that want stable monthly expenses.

% of Revenue

The price of Canvas scales with your net revenue, regardless of clinician headcount or patient volume.

Good for: New or dynamic practices with evolving headcount and financials and practices that generate the majority of revenue from fee-for-service billings, with a high percentage of part-time clinicians.

No matter which payment model you choose, Canvas is committed to fair and transparent pricing, with no unpredictable or surprise expenses. There are no product tiers, add-ons or upsells.

We wrote the book on switching.

Whether by choice or circumstance, at some point you will need to switch EMRs. We hope it will be to one that sparks positive chance and ensures the success of your practice well into the future.

Your’s free, our guide book, Chart Forward, provides all the information you need to evaluate your options and make a switch on your terms:

  • Decide if, when, and how to switch from your current EMR.
  • Evaluate vendors with confidence and choose the right EMR for your practice.
  • Negotiate the contract to your advantage.
  • Seize opportunities to get more from technology.
  • Make a smooth and successful transition your entire team will support.

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