The app for field-based care

Scout is your companion app for when you see patients outside of the places designed for patient care.

Scout is an iOS companion app to your medical record

If you see patients in the field - whether in a facility, in the home, or under a highway overpass - you need a documentation tool that prompts you with just the information you need to capture given your location and the patient.

Scout is a companion app to the EMR to quickly dictate narrative, tap through questionnaires and structured assessments, or draft orders quickly from an iPhone without using a keyboard.


Carry the right tool for the job

Context-specific prompted content

  • Questionnaires, structured assessments, RoS, physical exam
  • Patient- and geo-location-specific content
  • Quality gaps and patient health status can drive prompted content


  • Dictation
  • Touch
  • Draft orders in the field to complete later

Built to work with the whole Canvas platform

Canvas is designed to scale with you

Scaling a HealthTech business is as much about adapting your capabilities to meet new, dynamic opportunities as it is about finding patients. Canvas is designed to scale with you as your care models, and the ways you earn revenue, change.