Modern care management software - right in the EMR

Don't settle for the status quo. Canvas finally brings to care management capabilities directly into the EMR, empowering care teams to provide the right care, at the right time, in the right way, to the  patients who need it.

Finally, an EMR with a great Care Management tool built in

With Care Management, Canvas allows you to easily track goals, conditions and interventions for patients and populations - right inside your EMR, fully integrated with documentation, order entry, scheduling, quality management and billing. 

Whether a goal originates from the patient or the provider, or if an intervention is for a single patient or an entire population, Care Management makes it easy to ensure every patient gets the care they need. Care Management also makes it simple to share care plans with patients and their caregivers, as well with providers on other EMRs.


Software-driven care management will be the lynch-pin of digital complex care delivery

Unify the plan of care with the care plan

  • Patient encounter documentation automatically pulls into care plans
  • Easily add and monitor goals and conditions
  • Tie interventions to conditions and goals - and back to interventions
  • Print or send care plans for patients
  • Send care plans electronically as CCDA files

Canvas was designed for longitudinal care

  • Manage patient enrollment in care management programs and CBOs in Populations
  • Granularly define entire program workflows with SDK
Canvas is purpose-built software for complex care delivery

Canvas was designed to make the longitudinal care of complex patients easier for clinicians and more effective for patients. Canvas provides all of the clinical, financial and operational infrastructure you need, so you can focus on the most important part of caring for the sickest among us: connecting patients with dedicated caregivers. See how easy it is to get started for free, and connect your differentiated experiential patient app to Canvas, today!