Charting the
way forward.

Discover a cloud-based, fully-integrated digital health platform that gives you everything you need to prevent and solve health problems and provide definitive care for every patient.

Canvas isn’t just another EMR. It’s the new gold standard.

Canvas eliminates distractions and busy work, so you can focus on the quality of your care, manage chronic conditions effectively, collaborate with your entire team, and succeed with value-based contracts.

  • Patient: Judith Whitman
  • Reason for visit: Annual Exam
  • Action Needed: Mammogram Screening

Whole practice technology for whole person care.

Chart in your words

Canvas understands natural clinical language and automatically structures clinical data as you type, so you can focus on the patient and their story.

The right care at the right time

Canvas keeps you up-to-date with a real-time view of the health of every patient in your practice and timely recommendations for delivering appropriate, high quality care.

Clinical protocols power Canvas

Always running in the background, customizable protocols bridge the gap between your population and the patient sitting in your exam room. Thirteen built-in clinical protocols use evidence-based medicine and real-time EMR data to drive effective decision-making, population Health Management and practice management.

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  • Narrative Charting is so much more than data entry, as protocols recommend necessary screenings and provide decision support for treatment options on the same page.

  • Population Health Management helps you improve patient experience and outcomes, avoid unnecessary treatments, and meet your quality and financial metrics.

  • Revenue Cycle Management gives you clean claims and analytics to improve your financial visibility and ensure accurate reimbursements.

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Canvas is preventive care for your practice.

You and your team will rediscover the joy of practice with an enhanced work experience, efficiency, and collaboration.

Narrative Charting

The EMR Breakthrough You’ve Been Waiting For.

Narrative Charting is not an incremental improvement to the EMR.

It’s an entirely new charting paradigm that solves the user experience problems that have plagued clinicians for the past twenty years.

Gone are the distracting drop-down menus, endless alerts, and screen transitions that hijack your patient interactions. With Narrative Charting, you write medical notes that reflect the way you think and practice medicine. Simply type your patient story as the encounter unfolds.

* As measured in a side-by-side workflow study with competing menu-based EMRs.

Chart 3X Faster*

With 80% reduction in clicks, you can finish charting before you head home.

Practice medicine, not busy work.

Document your observations, assessments, treatment plans, and orders faster in any order, however the encounter unfolds. Enter information just once—not again in forms—knowing you’ll have easy access to the data you need when you need it for effective decision-making.

Auto-complete your notes

From finishing your sentences to providing multiple, pre-filled command options, Canvas gets smarter the more you use it.

Auto-structure your data

Data is meaningful because Canvas understands clinical language and organizes it into the right places in your database for quick access.

Auto-assign billing codes

Canvas drops codes into the platform as you chart, eliminating the risk of making errors that cause claims denials.

Be the doctor you were meant to be.

Enhance your role as a clinician with organized health history, lab results, medications, visit summaries and suggested interventions right at your fingertips. No need to remember to take action, since Canvas does that for you.

See everything on one screen

Canvas pulls all patient data directly into a single screen, so you can view records, chart, and generate orders, with no irrelevant data to distract you.

Implement evidence-based medicine

With protocols built into the platform, you get a clear picture of what interventions are recommended and can provide a more complex and advanced level of medicine at the point of care.

Customize your experience

Select from a set of best practice clinical content to assess patient health risk level and communicate with patients. Or use tools Canvas provides to write your own questionnaires, templates, and letters in minutes.

“I'm the busiest doctor here and I don't like change. But then I saw what's possible with Canvas. We had no choice but to switch over.”

Dr. Marge Bisenius,
Midwest Regional Health Services,
Omaha NE


No EMR does population health management like Canvas.

Deliver the highest quality care to your entire patient community and protect your high-risk patients from preventable harm.

With a few keystrokes, you have actionable data you can use to identify, assess, and address the medical and psychosocial needs of any subset of your patient population.

Provide self-management support or coaching to patients with chronic illnesses. Schedule screenings or renew prescriptions automatically. Close gaps in care. This integral part of the platform helps you promote wellness, improve outcomes, and find success under value-based care payment models.

Give the right care to the right patient at the right time.

Deliver appropriate care and manage your patients’ health proactively.

Know your patients

Canvas continuously monitors the data in your EMR and organizes patients into cohorts—such as all adults with type 1 diabetes—based on their medical and behavioral health needs.

Detect inconsistencies in care

With a real-time profile of your entire patient population, you identify gaps in care—for example, patients who’ve had a polyp and haven’t had a repeat colonoscopy in 5 years—before complex patients develop complications or require hospitalization.

Maintain accurate risk adjustment

HCCs are updated automatically, so Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scores stay in sync with your patients’ current health conditions and model the disease burden of your patients for both your practice and payers.

Get a real-time view of your performance quality

With all patient data accurately collected in Canvas, you have the confidence that your HEDIS results are current and maximized.

Empower your patients.

Canvas uses machine intelligence to analyze patient data against a set of clinical protocols and assist patients in maintaining their own health. It lets you be their trusted health guardian who always has their backs.

Schedule routine interventions

Automatically email patients when it’s time for annual wellness visits, vaccines, and common screenings, or to review or refill medications. Or have your staff send campaigns to an entire cohort with a few simple keystrokes.

Generate orders automatically

Canvas can generate and send orders to imaging centers, labs, and pharmacies as it sends alerts to patients to schedule their tests and screenings. Increase patient adherence as you make life easier for everyone.

Facilitate better care coordination

By automating your care coordination functions, you get more time to provide responsive patient care:

Focus visits on current health needs, since Canvas takes care of the things your patients need to do before you see them.

Avoid no-shows with automated appointment reminders.

Reduce unnecessary and inappropriate care, medication misuse, and hospitalization.

Improve patient experience and outcomes and become a model for value-based care.


Optimize the financial health of your practice.

Be a top performing independent practice.

Based on best practices in the industry, Canvas’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) helps you simplify and automate your billing, reporting, and accounts receivable processes and get the reimbursement you deserve.

Billing made easy

Since Canvas drops codes into the platform as you chart, they are already there when it’s time to bill, helping you avoid errors that result in claims rejections.

Support claims with accurate documentation.

Patient data is shared across the platform so what goes into your EMR is automatically entered in RCM. No claim ever goes out without documentation to support it.

Send statements quickly for faster reimbursement.

With electronic billing features and claim denial management the claims process is fast, helping your staff become more productive the more they use Canvas.

Thrive financially in value-based contracts

With Canvas, you have the real time data you need to track patients through their care journey, coordinate their care, and provide the results you need to get paid for the quality and level of service you provide.

RAF scores and HEDIS results at a glance

You don’t have to worry about measuring your HEDIS results or RAF scores because Canvas does it for you.

Measure, act, report

Quality and risk adjustment protocols let you measure clinical quality, act on the data you collect, and report quality measures effectively and effortlessly to Medicare and non-Medicare health plans.

And more...

With Canvas, the left hand always knows what the right hand is doing.

Essential practice management tools are integrated directly within Canvas — no costly add-ons necessary. This creates a cohesive ecosystem resulting in increased capabilities and staff productivity.


Streamline scheduling and co-pays. The Canvas scheduler lets you create a separate calendar for each clinician, therapist, or procedure room and control the appointment blocks by availability and length of appointment. Verify patient eligibility and collect insurance information during scheduling or check-in.

Exchange and Data Integration

Canvas converts critical clinical information from faxes, incoming labs and other raw patient data to structured data and adds it to the appropriate patient records automatically. You have the information you need to improve diagnoses, reduce medication and treatment errors, and maximize your clinical quality.

Patient Engagement

Streamline communications and meet your patients where they are. Canvas provides multiple communication options and enters all communications into your patients’ charts. Patients can respond to messages you send through the chart or use our patient portal to message your practice, view lab reports, and make payments.

Canvas narrows the differential between anxiety and excitement.

Making the switch to a new EMR feels daunting, but we make it easier.

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