Become a better partner
for your providers.

Eliminate friction by delivering personalized member-level insights at the point of care, seamlessly within Canvas workflows.

Use the Canvas Payer SDK to support providers moving to advanced value-based contracts

The Payer SDK lets you combine historical claims data with realtime EMR data for accurate decision support

Most quality and risk insights from payers today are delivered to providers in batches, entirely out of workflow. That's like giving a highway driver a map but putting it in the trunk — no wonder engagement can be as low as 5%.

The Canvas Payer SDK helps you deliver accurate and interactive insights with 90% engagement — more like a navigation app built into a driver's dashboard.

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Invest in payer-agnostic technology to ensure your members have strong alternatives to consolidated care.

Payer-specific reports and "portals" add complexity and cost to practice operations already stretched thin. When you develop your quality improvement, cost stewardship, and risk adjustment protocols in Canvas with our Payer SDK, you're relieving practices of the manual burden of all that work. 

Since your network practices depend on many other payers, we help all payers adopt the Canvas SDK to boost practice performance and accelerate advanced value-based contracting.

Empower independent primary care practices to implement your value-based care programs

Only independent primary care can consistently, meaningfully lower the cost of care across the board. Press your data and your engineering talent into service on behalf of your network providers — putting them in the best possible position to care for your members.

If all you had to do was focus on doing the best job possible to support a single doctor with a single member, what would you do? Canvas allows you to do that at scale with technology instead of adding operating cost and complexity with additional workforce.

Maximize quality, HEDIS, and Star ratings

Combine the breadth of your claims data with the depth and dynamism of our EMR data to paint a full picture of quality improvement opportunities for each member. Use our Payer SDK to help clinical teams close gaps in 1-click workflows and reach out to members at scale.

Streamline cost stewardship

Put your network cost and quality data to greatest use by informing care teams of high-value sites of care for referrals, imaging, and other third party services. Use our Payer SDK to speed up prior auth steps and inform options for more collaborative utilization management.

Optimize risk adjusted coding accuracy

Analyze lab results, medication lists, and other sources if information to identify inconsistencies and help providers add, remove, or reassess diagnoses as clinically valid and useful in caring for the member.

Automate data flows

Rather than pay for scanned copies of charts and then paying data abstractors to process them, use our Payer SDK to automate data flow for your members digitally, automatically, structured, in real time.

Canvas isn't just an EMR

We're a fully open, payer-agnostic, connect-to-everything, end-to-end software platform for value-based care.

We started with a better chart

Our trademark Narrative Charting experience gives time back to clinical teams, with 80% fewer clicks and intuitive workflows that need no instruction manual.

We accelerated with better data

An intentional byproduct of Narrative Charting is highly structured data, but without the abrasion of clunky menus and forms.

We're here to help on the business side, too

We partner with practices not only to meet their technology needs, but as a business partner in advanced value-based contracting as well.

We help doctors and insurers work together to keep people healthy and out of the hospital.

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