Senior Software Engineer

Canvas Medical is a startup building an electronic medical records (EMR) development platform to power modern healthcare. We’re growing our team and looking for senior software engineers; at present we have openings for those with front-end focus, with back-end focus, or with a focus on both. Upcoming engineering projects include completing ONC certification, adding patient self-scheduling, making our customer implementation process more efficient, and addressing accrued technical debt. You will have the opportunity to make an outsized impact on a product used every day by doctors, nurses, and other clinicians and healthcare staff.

We value experience with our software stack, which is Python/Django and Postgres on the back-end, TypeScript/React/GraphQL on the front-end, and also includes heavy use of Docker. We use AWS for our staging infrastructure and Aptible for our production infrastructure. We use InfluxDB and Grafana for our metrics and ElasticSearch and Kibana for our logging. We use self-hosted Sentry for error tracking. We manage both AWS and Aptible with Terraform. Past hires without experience with our stack have also been successful at Canvas, however.

At Canvas our primary concern is patient safety. Some experience with healthcare software development is a plus but is not required. If you have not worked in healthcare before you should be aware that it is a heavily regulated industry. In some ways this will have a positive effect on your experience as a developer (there are often regulatory processes that can guide development, like ONC or Surescripts certification) and in some ways this may have a negative experience (some parts of how the product looks or functions are constrained by regulatory requirements, responding to patient safety issues requires us to implement a light on-call requirement, and HIPAA and other frameworks prevent us from using most third-party services--as an example we self-host Sentry for error reporting because we can’t use the hosted service). Yearly HIPAA training is also required (which takes 2-4 hours).

We do not require a degree or specific years of experience. Our interview process involves pair programming with current engineers--this process is designed to be cooperative (as opposed to confrontational) and can be done in either Python or JavaScript/TypeScript. We’re looking at communication skills, problem-solving ability, and familiarity with language concepts.

We were a fully remote team before the pandemic started and will continue to be after it subsides. In the future there will be opportunities for travel to customer sites if desired, which can include shadowing physicians while they use Canvas. When it’s safe we can also accommodate travel to our San Francisco office for in-person collaboration, and in late 2021 we may resume our yearly on-site somewhere central to the team if it’s safe to do so. Because engineering is entirely remote, strong written communication skills are very important to us (we’re looking for the ability to communicate concepts, not flawless English).

We provide health insurance reimbursement of $650-$1,900/month depending on family size via an ICHRA, pay for a thousand dollars of home office improvements, offer a 401k through Guideline, and offer three weeks vacation — which we expect our engineers to use!

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